Biodegradable iPhone Case: From Nature to Nature

Biodegradable iPhone Case 

In the current day and age, where communities in Australia and across the world are threatened by the effects of climate change, we all have to do our part to combat this menace. For one, you can cut down your plastic intake and carbon footprint by using a biodegradable case for your iPhone. Whenever phones are replaced, all the components end up in a landfill somewhere, including phone cases made of toxic plastics. This is where biodegradable iPhone cases made from wheat stalk come in handy. Using one of the biodegradable cases offered by CASETiNO for iPhone users in Australia will help contribute to global efforts to combat environmental pollution and climate change. 

How Biodegradable Cases Help in the Protection of the Environment

Reduce Plastic Intakes

In recent years, plastic pollution has emerged as the main threat to the environment. Plastic is manufactured using toxic chemicals like petroleum products and takes 450 years to biodegrade. In comparison, biodegradable iPhone cases are highly compostable and degrade within a short period. By opting for biodegradable cases, you contribute to the fight by reducing the number of toxic plastic cases that would have polluted the environment for hundreds of years.   

Recyclable Composites

Biodegradable iPhone cases are made from wheat stalks and recyclable materials known as PLA and PBAT. Wheat stalks are agricultural by-products that offer the highest biodegradability and perfect for iPhone cases made for upcycling. These three composites are combined using cutting edge technology to attain a highly biodegradable material for making iPhone cases. The unique combination of recyclable materials and wheat stalk that is compostable is one of the many reasons why this iPhone case stands apart from the rest.  

From Nature to Nature

Biodegradable iPhone cases are designed to support and advance long-term sustainability, driven by the principles of environmentally conscious manufacturing (ECM). This new and Eco-friendly way of thinking emphasizes on efficient and productive use of raw materials and natural resources. Across Australia, wheat stalks are left to rot in farms after harvest. The stalks rot and break down into vital nutrients that are returned into the soil to support wheat planted in the next planting season. Using wheat stalk to develop biodegradable iPhone cases is Eco-friendly since the stalks reclaimed from farms will eventually decompose and reintroduced into the soil as nutrients. The biodegradable iPhone cases offered by CASETiNO in Australia are from nature and will eventually return to nature. If this isn't the definition of Eco-friendly, I don't know what is. 

Reduce Emissions

Living an eco-friendly lifestyle requires you to strike a perfect balance in your consumption and emissions. From consumption to daily practices, each aspect of your life should contribute towards protecting Mother Earth. For you to contribute fully to global efforts to combat climate change, you have to keep your emissions as low as possible. This biodegradable iPhone case is designed to help you reduce carbon emissions. Plastics have carbon-intense life cycles. In manufacturing, extraction and distillation of petroleum are undertaken, which emits immense CO2. After manufacturing, the plastics are used to make iPhone cases and other products and emit more CO2. Plastics continue to emit CO2 throughout usage and even more after they are disposed of. According to Science Daily, the total emissions from plastics manufactured and used in 2015 were equivalent to nearly 1.8 billion tonnes of CO2. By using iPhone's biodegradable case, you reduce demand for plastics along with the need to manufacture more plastic. Ultimately, one biodegradable case reduces carbon emission associated with the manufacture of one plastic iPhone case. This is how you strike a perfect balance in your consumption and emissions. 

At CASETiNO, we are dedicated to the protection of the environment and focused on helping you and other esteemed customers to live Eco-friendly lifestyles. We always deliver our biodegradable iPhone cases to consumers using carbon-neutral options to ensure your iPhone case does not increase your carbon footprint and emission. By emphasizing recyclable materials and carbon neutral delivery, CASETiNO has successfully delivered phone cases with the highest biodegradability for iPhone users in Australia that do not harm nature.

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