Australia’s Toughest iPhone Case

Even though smartphones were introduced in Australia a few decades ago, they have transformed the way of life and made our lives way easier. From interacting with friends and family to business operations, your iPhone is more than a device. It is your best friend, personal assistant, navigator, entertainment center, and shopping tool all rolled in one. Can you imagine going a day without your iPhone? This is why you need the toughest iPhone case in Australia to protect your iPhone at all times. But, how do you choose the best and toughest protective case for your iPhone? 

How to Choose the Best and Toughest Case for iPhone Users in Australia 

The best and toughest case should not only protect your iPhone but also allow you to access all functionalities comfortably and easily. For one, iPhone cases offered by CASETiNO in Australia are the toughest and strike a perfect balance between protection, comfort, and functionality. 


According to statistics, it is estimated that there are 23 million unused phones in drawers, lockers, and cupboards across Australia. It is undeniable that most of these used phones are broken or damaged phones. With users replacing their damaged or broken phones every two or three years, it is no wonder that 5 million new phones are bought in Australia every year. You can avoid being part of this statistic by protecting your iPhone using the toughest iPhone case in Australia. This case is made using the newest and strongest material in the market that consists of TPU and TPE. Thermoplastic polyurethanes (TPU) are wear-resistant, transparent, and extremely elastic. On the other hand, thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) is renowned for providing high elasticity, high strength, and high resilience. By combining these two protective composites in a unique ratio using cutting edge technology, CASETiNO attained the newest, strongest, and softest material. Subsequently, the material was used to make the toughest impact case for iPhone users in Australia. This protective iPhone case was put through rigorous testing in various impact situations from vertical drops to excess pressure to ensure it offers maximum protection. From cracked edges to broken covers, scratched surfaces, and shattered screens, your iPhone will be protected fully against all damage scenarios. 


The function of smartphones has expanded immensely since they were introduced. Apart from calling and texting, your iPhone captures and stores a large portion of your life from personal achievements to sentimental moments with family and friends. Also, your iPhone is a perfect tool for navigation, as well as a business operation. A phone case that provides protection but does not allow you to use all functionalities defeats the purpose entirely. CASETiNO considered all these vital functionalities in the design of this iPhone case. For one, it is designed with camera protection that strikes a perfect balance between protection and quality. The case protects camera lenses from scratches and damage without undermining the usability and quality of your videos and pictures. For you to use your iPhone fully, you need highly responsive and flexible buttons for navigation. This case is designed with a highly elastic TPU to cover the side buttons to ensure this vital functionality is protected but also easy to use at all times. 


Comfort is one of the core requirements for you to have the best user experience. This protective iPhone case was designed to strike the perfect balance between protection and user experience. For starters, the unique combination of TPE and TPU ensures that the new material is very soft and tender to your hands. Also, the material grips your hand perfectly to ensure your iPhone does not slip during usage. The softness of the material and the grip guarantees the best user experience.

At CASETiNO, we leverage advanced manufacturing technologies and new materials to provide the toughest iPhone cases in Australia. The wear-resistance and high resilience of the new material offer the highest level of protection against damage. Subsequently, high elasticity and softness guarantees access to all functionalities comfortably and the best user experience. 

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